For the last several months we have been talking about the growth in the Mexico Tourist auto insurance niche. September was another up month, and the carriers in the market are aggressively looking for market share. Consequently, we are seeing moves that benefit you as the agent and your customers. Below are some of the important changes you should be aware of:

1. GNP and ACE are offering $300,000 CSL in liability at the $100,000 CSL price. In short, this means that you can get higher limits for your clients at the same price. From a value stand point it puts our program in a very competitive place in terms of coverage and price.

2. MexVisit, our exclusive travel assistance coverage, has taken a 40% rate decrease, making the cost available from MexVisit on par with the cost of roadside assistance available from the carriers themselves. However, the coverage and service available from MexVisit is far beyond anything the carriers offer, making MexVisit an unbelievable value for your client.

3. GNP took a rate decrease in the Spring that they have continued to modify and perfect their rates recently. The combination of these changes has made GNP extremely competitive from a price stand point.

Better coverage, better price, better value. This year more people are headed to Mexico, so make sure you provide the best value to your customers by going to for all your Mexico Insurance needs.