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About Us

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AssureMex is owned by Gestion Brossoit Inc. We believe that travel consumers and our partners MGA Managing General Agent International Insurance Group make sure that all Mexico boat and auto travel insurance companies that we represent meet our mutual high standard.

Behind our website, you will find a national licensing International Insurance Group, and a customer service team that is leading in the Mexico auto travel and boat insurance industry. GBI Management, Hubert Brossoit President has been part of the world wide insurance industries since 1967. Mr. Hubert Brossoit possesses expertise in: Commercial, Institutional, Aviation, Auto Travel, Health, Home, Boat and other Insurance for Mexico.

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Please contact us for any additional information.
Toll Free: 1-866-610-3601
Email: info@assuremex.com

The Advantages of Multiple Company Options

By offering coverage from several Mexico auto travel and boat insurance companies, our customers can rest assured that GBI will always be able to offer the best boat and auto travel insurance to Mexico.

Licensing and Regulatory Issues/How We Protect you

Our Managing General Agent MGA International Insurance Group is licensed in every state. When customers obtain Mexico boat or auto insurance coverage for travel to Mexico from the USA, they have the peace of mind and added protection of obtaining auto travel or boat insurance in Mexico, from an operation that is licensed in their home state.

Our Specialties

We specialize in more than simply Mexico auto travel and boat insurance to Mexico. Some of our other products include motorcycle liability and commercial travel insurance. We also provide coverage for vehicles crossing into the USA.

AssureMex Customer Service and Professionalism is offering Competitive knowledge about available Mexico auto travel and boat insurance coverage to benefit our customers.

At AssureMex we pride ourselves on the fact that we work only with Mexico’s top Insurers. These insurers have a strong financial background. Our Mexico boat and auto travel insurance prices are competitive, and are the best available, and we ensure that all claims are professionally handled.

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Obtain a quote NOW! When purchased, we provide you with a coverage package endorsement available only with selective travel Mexican Auto and Watercraft Insurance providers in Mexico. To see a comparison between the Great American, GNP Deluxe, ABA/GMAC Plus and the ACE Platinum Package

NEW - Homeowner's Insurance now Available

Effective Immediately Assuremex now offers full coverage for your property (Single Family Home, Townhouse, Condo) in Mexico. This is strictly available in Mexico.

Home Insurance Comparison:

  • All Risks included vs Named Perils
  • All Replacement Costs
  • Theft Coverage
  • Personal Liability
  • Natural Disaster
    • Catastrophic Perils
    • Earthquake and Volcanic Disasters
    • Earthquake and Volcanic Disasters
    • Tidal Wave
  • Medical Payments

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Latest News

July 18, 2012

International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG) announced today that it has recently hit the one-million mark of vehicles insured in Mexico. For over ten years, IIG has provided top quality insurance for US and Canadian residents who drive to Mexico.