International Medical Group® (IMG®) is updating our most popular international medical insurance products for the educational market: Patriot Exchange Program (PEP) and Student Health Advantage (SHA).
These plans are designed for students, scholars and educators participating in international educational programs and cultural exchanges, including J1 and J2 U.S. visa programs.
As medical costs continue to rise, individuals and groups involved in the educational market are facing increased health care costs each year. To ensure long-term rate stabilization, while providing one-of-a kind international medical insurance coverage, IMG is making the following changes to these plans, effective June 1, 2016:

  • SHA Standard plan: Removing the Maternity and Newborn Wellness benefits, resulting in a 4% decrease in rates, to allow you to market and sell the plan more affordably.
  • SHA Platinum plan: Changing the Maternity Coinsurance to 100% coverage outside of the U.S., 80% in the U.S. PPO network, and 60% in the U.S. out-of-PPO network, to keep the plan rates unchanged.
  • PEP and SHA group plans: Changing the group plan size to five or more insureds to administer these group plans more effectively.
    We’re confident these changes will provide your clients greater price stability, while continuing to offer Global Peace of Mind® while they are away from home. Click below to access the updated brochures:

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