Now offering US boat insurance that extends physical damage & theft coverage (hull coverage) for the entire country of Mexico Read information about Mexican boat permits and fishing licenses.

Mexico has some of the best sportfishing in the world. If you own your own boat, you will definitely want to consider towing your boat into Mexico. (Make sure to read about Mexican boat and fishing permits). We provide auto insurance coverage which covers boats while being towed by your vehicle. We also provide boat liability insurance and Hull coverage for boats and jetskis while in the water (contact us for details).

Insuring your pleasure boat in Mexicocan be a complicated and somewhat confusing process, but Adventure Mexican Insurance Services offers a number of different Boat Insurance products to fit your needs
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Trailed Boats

(boats that are designed to be towed behind a vehicle to their destination)

There three basic approaches towards insuring your trailed boat:

1: Dedicated Hull & Machinery Boat Insurance Policy:(complete coverage)

This type of policy is a ‘Full Coverage’ boat policy which covers Physical Damage to your own boat and machinery, Medical Payments for your passengers, and Protection & Indemnity (liability) for damages you may cause to third parties. The coverage is valid while the boat is in the water, while in storage, and while being towed on the road.

Adventure Mexican Insurance offers a special Trailed Boat Insurance Program which covers your boat while in Mexico and in the US, thus eliminating the need to purchase separate Mexican and US boat insurance. Contact us for details

2: On the Water Boat Liability Insurance Policy:(minimum requirement)

This type of policy offers Liability coverage for damages caused to third parties while the insured boat is on the water. Adventure Mexican Insurance offers Boat Liability Insurance that is underwritten by authorized Mexican insurance companies. It is strongly recommended that all boats carry boat liability coverage underwritten by a Mexican insurance company. In the event of an accident, your boat could be confiscated and you could be thrown in jail if you do not have Mexican boat liability insurance

3: Full Coverage & Liability Coverage while being Towed:

(required for on the road)

If you are planning to tow your boat behind a vehicle, you will also need to list the boat and trailer as a Towed Unit on your Mexican auto insurance policy. You have the option to insure the boat for Physical Damage, Theft, ($ Value) and Liability, or for Liability only ($0 value) while being towed. This coverage is only valid while the boat is attached to the towing vehicle, and it is not valid while the boat is detached or while the boat is the water.

(You will also need to purchase an ‘On the Water’ Boat Liability Policy).

The descriptions above are a brief explanation of the different types of Mexican boat insurance. We highly recommend that you contact Adventure Mexican Insurance so we can explain all of the options for you in full detail.


Obtain a quote NOW! When purchased, we provide you with a coverage package endorsement available only with selective travel Mexican Auto and Watercraft Insurance providers in Mexico. To see a comparison between the Great American, GNP Deluxe, ABA/GMAC Plus