Why you should consider purchase earthquake protection for your house & condo?

  • Adding this protection will ensure you are covered for living expenses and the loss of your items.
  • While it will increase the cost of your quotes,you will have peace of mind in knowing you are covered in the event of an earthquake catastrophe .This makes it worth it.
  • will assist you and explain in details this feature to your existing policy

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How common are earthquakes in Mexico?

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common in Mexico, as the country lies on the eastern side of what is known as the “Ring of Fire.” The USGS estimates that 90% of earthquakes occur in the ring that runs from New Zealand through South America.

Map of earthquakes in Mexico from 1900 to 2022

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Location of M 8.0+ earthquakes in Mexico with year of occurrence

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Where in Mexico is the least earthquake prone?

Northeastern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula are not as seismically active as the area close to the boundary between the North American and Cocos plates, but destructive earthquakes can still occur in those areas.

Which part of Mexico has the most earthquakes?

Severe quakes in southwest Mexico

The region of Mexico most frequently affected by earthquakes is on the southwest coast of the Pacific. The coastal strip is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where tectonic shifts often occur. Here, the Cocos Plate slides under the Caribbean and North American plates.

This is a partial list of earthquakes in Mexico. This list considers every notable earthquake felt or with its epicenter within Mexico’s current borders and maritime areas.

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